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Elysium Hair Brisbane has won its second Australian Best Salon 2016 national hairdressing award to complete an Australian hair salon awards clean-sweep.

How We Provide Services To You

Unlike some salons where you have a colour person and a person who cuts your hair who do not consult together with you and are completely separate at Elysium we are doing things differently.

At Elysium your stylist is in control and has responsibility of your hair for your whole visit, they will consult with you and then direct their technician on the colours to use and method of application and all the other details of your colour service, then the highly trained technician will take over and apply your colour.

Your Stylist will cut and blow-dry your hair and may have some assistance with the blow-dry to ensure your service is completed on schedule.

Your technician is trained specifically on providing you with your colour service and is an expert in this.

You will have more flexibility and availability with your stylist to fit in with your busy schedules.

When having a haircut and colour you may have your cut before your colour for added flexibility with scheduling your appointment.

Your service and results will not be compromised in any way.

You will have someone else on the team who is able to provide you with your colour services should your usual stylist be away.

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<p>We have a pokestop right outside the salon @elysiumhairbrisbane #pokestopbrisbane  (at Elysium Hair Brisbane)</p>

We have a pokestop right outside the salon @elysiumhairbrisbane #pokestopbrisbane (at Elysium Hair Brisbane)

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Lots of businesses choose not to tell you when their prices go up, and being a creative and customer service enterprise it’s not something we love doing we are not the kind of business to do things without letting you know.

We know that you understand it is a fact of life - prices do increase as the costs of rent, utilities, wages, products and lots of other stuff to boring to mention all increase. We do of course hope that your earnings have increased in line with inflation (as they should).

We always structure pricing on a combination of time taken, product used and technical skill and training required. Although we are not the cheapest salon, we are also not the most expensive and we always strive to offer an experience, service and results that are worth it.

As many of you know we are all about great hair and great customer service at Elysium, but we do know that to offer a great place for our clients to come, wonderful service and results along with somewhere to help our growing team earn their living and flourish and grow in their career, we do need to be fully sustainable. 

This year on the advice from the number crunchers we will be looking at around a 3% rise. Implementing this is a massive administrative job so there will be a staggered price increase across services during the month of July.

If you would like to lock in lower prices for the next 12 months we are offering a limited number of $500 gift vouchers until the end of July with a massive 15% extra value for free – contact us to arrange purchase info@elysiumhairbrisbane.com.au, 07 3229 0816 or click here to go through to the store and purchase your voucher directly.

We are developing exciting new packages that will launch later this year, along with specials. For example, we are looking at a 12 months review appointment for all our regulars along with style refresh appointments which you can book anytime you feel like a change

You can also join up to one of our clubs; we have the Platinum Rewards, Seniors and Student clubs which offer added value and benefits to regular guests. 

So now we have got that conversation out of the way we wanted to say how grateful we are to have such wonderful guests like you who choose to let us take care of their hair. We are grateful for the journey you share with us in our small family business and we want to say thanks so much for choosing us, we really appreciate it.


Kate, Oscar, Mia, Chelsea, Sharon, Jenny, Carissa, Holly, Lucia, Laura, Sarah, Ashleigh, Courtney, Emma, Brittany, Grace and Katherine

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Elysium Hair Brisbane completes Australian hair awards clean sweep

Elysium Hair Brisbane has won its second Australian Best Salon 2016 national hairdressing award to complete an Australian hair salon awards clean-sweep.

Elysium Hair Brisbane was crowned HAIR EXPO 2016 Australian Salon Of The Year at a glittering Oscars Style awards night last Monday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

This comes after winning 2016 Australian Salon Of The Year in March at the Australian Hair Industry Awards in Brisbane.

The annual Hair Expo Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in the Australian hair industry and with this title now under its belt, Elysium has claimed every hair industry salon award across Australia.

Kate Henderson, co-owner of Elysium Hair Brisbane said:

“We could not be more proud that a small business which is built on providing an amazing customer service experience has been recognized as the best of the best”

The Elysium story

In November 2008 Kate and Oscar Henderson decided to pursue their dream of running their own business built around providing amazing customer service. Without any experience in hairdressing, Kate and Oscar purchased a run-down hair salon on the first floor of a dilapidated office building on George Street in Brisbane. The salon didn’t have any team members nor a single appointment in the diary…..in fact there was no diary…….!!

Over the past 7.5 years Kate and Oscar have worked insanely hard (picture bleeding through your eyeballs hard) with the support of their growing team, family, friends and of course customers like you (thanks). Fast forward to today and they now have an amazing team of 15 happy, customer service crazy, passionate #teamelysium members.

The Elysium team started entering awards in order to learn and grow. The whole process of entering an award is a great opportunity to take a good look inside your business and look for ways to improve and grow. We won our first local business award in 2011 (City News Business Achiever Awards – Best Hair Salon In Brisbane) and repeated this feat the following year. Elysium won its first national hairdressing award in 2013 and the salon has since gone on to win every possible national hairdressing salon award:



WINNERS AUSTRALIAN SALON OF THE YEAR 2016 – Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNER QUEENSLAND SALON OF THE YEAR 2016 – Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNERS SALON OF THE YEAR 2015 - Australian Hair Fashion Awards

WINNERS 2015 SALON DESIGN OF THE YEAR - Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNERS 2014 QUEENSLAND SALON OF THE YEAR – Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNERS 2013 BEST HAIR SALON IN AUSTRALIA – Australia Small Business Champion Awards




Winning these awards is something we are immensely proud of and we know you share this pride with us. A small business in Brisbane winning every single national best hair salon award out there is pretty crazy!

Something we want you to know is that we do not have big egos and we will never let this go to our heads. In fact we have so much more to do, so many more improvements we can make and so many more ideas on how we can enhance your experience with us that it sometimes makes our heads spin!

Finally we want to say thanks, thanks so much to you for being a guest with us - without you we would not have ever achieved all of this. We love it when you come to visit and we appreciate that you choose us to look after your hair – we love running a business which is really all about making people happy - and we are not happy unless you are happy.  It has never been about money for us, we just hope to have an amazing, strong customer service business that offers a stable place for our team to flourish and grow, where we can support our own lives and families and a place we can all be proud of.


You can contact Kate Henderson, Co-Owner of Elysium Hair Brisbane any time via phone or email

0422 960590


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