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Elysium has now won 12 awards including 4 x Australian Salon Of The Year. They are the current holders of Team Of The Year and are finalists in the Queensland Metropolitan Training Awards - Small Business Edeucators Of The Year

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We Are A Sustainable Eco Salon

Did you know that your hair is used to clean up oil spills?

We have always approached our business and life sustainably.  We joined Sustainable Salons Australia as soon as it arrived in Queensland. In August 2017, we were awarded Green Accreditation by the Australian Hairdressing Council. We are on the way to zero salon waste – we sort and manage all salon waste with 98% collected by Sustainable Salons Australia.  We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint by following sensible waste reduction strategies. The key is our team and their education, and belief in the importance of sustainability.  Sustainability does require a little more thought and effort than most people are used to with the sorting and separation of all waste; however, it is a fundamental core value of our salon.

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We are on our way to Zero Waste

  • At Elysium, we have extensive sustainability practices across the whole salon
  • An active environmental policy displayed in key areas of the salon with multiple recycling points for metals, plastics, glass, hair, paper and cardboard and general rubbish (including biodegradable eco towels)
  • Regular updates and reminders on sustainability and our team are regularly reminded of our commitment to waste reduction.
  • Trips to the Endeavour Foundation sorting facility where our waste is taken and sorted
  • The team are informed of any new strategies introduced to help in our campaign to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Regular in-salon education and updates by Sustainable Salons Australia
  • Avid readers of “The Green Chair” publication
  • Appointment of Salon Sustainability advocate from the team (Lissy)
  • A fun sustainably themed bathroom
  • Encouragement for the use of public transport for guests and the team
  • The decision to use and stock sustainable product ranges
  • We were approached this week by City Smart to join their Green Heart Business Program
  • Featured last week by the Urban List this month as Brisbane City’s most eco-friendly salon


Pureology Serious Colour Care began as the result of developing sulphate/carcinogen-free formulas products for a friend of Jim. Markham’s diagnosed with cancer and unable to find carcinogen-free beauty products. Reduced the amount of water needed per batch in our manufacturing processes

  • Their bottles are made of 50% post-consumer recycled materials and are 100% recyclable
  • Products and printed materials use up to 50% PCR materials and FSC paper stock
  • They’ve minimised their use of secondary packaging, with cartons they have been made of 100% recycled fibres Reduced utility energy consumption per bottle
  • Reduced waste during the filling and packaging process
  • They use FDA-approved* plastics for unparalleled safety and environmental sustainability

Kevin Murphy

We choose this range of products for 3 reasons.

  1. Sustainability & environmental values
  2. Great results - looks, feels and smells amazing
  3. Cruelty-Free and recommended by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals)

As of 2019, KEVIN.MURPHY will move to make 100% of their bottles from reclaimed ocean waste plastic. In doing this, they will become the first beauty brand in the world to do so.

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Do You Know How To Wash Your Hair?

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Most of us know that beautiful hair starts with the right product regimen, but did you know that your washing routine plays a huge role in its health and appearance? To bring your hair from good to great, we’ve gathered some of KEVIN.MURPHY’s top educators to shed some light on one of the most critical steps in your haircare routine.

How often should you wash your hair?

TIM A: As a rule of thumb, rinse and condition every day if you must but only fully wash 2-3 times per week at most. A cleansing conditioning treatment like RE.STORE is a great choice to hold you over between washes.
SARAH: Over washing your hair can strip its natural oils, causing the scalp to overcompensate and produce more of it! BALANCING.WASH was designed to control oiliness and is a great way to keep the hair cleaner, longer.
TIM M: Only wash your hair when the natural oils look too heavy or dark on the scalp – even if you’re working out. With products like FRESH.HAIR & DOO.OVER, a girl can really stretch it out between wash days.
SARAH: FRESH.HAIR is designed to absorb this excess and be removed out of the hair with a clean, dry towel. You are left with fresher, cleaner hair with ample volume and texture.

Should the same WASH (Shampoo) and RINSE (Conditioner) always be used together?

WADE: Not always! Mixing and matching WASHES and RINSES can give greater results because your regimen is tailored to what your hair needs.
TIM M: WASH for the hair you’ve got, RINSE for the hair you want. It’s great to mix it up if your hair and scalp have different conditions. We get locked in hair families, and it’s not always the best for what we have going on up top.

Bonus Tip
KATE (Elysium): Always wash your hair twice, the first wash won’t lather much at all but don’t worry the second one will.

If your hair gets oily and you are having to wash every day you are caught in a trap which is causing your hair to get oily more quickly. We can help you get out of this trap, and your hair will never look or feel better, not to mention all the time you will be saving washing and drying your hair.

What is the best technique for applying WASHES and RINSES?

SARAH: Apply your WASH to very wet hair, and the RINSE when your hair been wrung out to remove excess water. It also is important to exfoliate your hair once per week to maintain the overall health of your hair and scalp.
TIM A: The way you scrub also is important. WASHES should be applied and massaged through the hair and scalp, gently and moving down the hair shaft in one direction to prevent unnecessary roughing of the cuticle.  Rinses should be applied to the midshafts and ends first, then manipulated in one direction down the hair shaft.

Bonus Tip
Kate (Elysium): On the first shampoo, rub the rinse (shampoo) all over your hair and scalp, this can be done quickly like an initial cleanse on your face. The second shampoo is really to work into your scalp the roots and can be massaged in for around 2 minutes.

Does giving your hair a cold rinse make a difference?

TIM M: Hot water opens your cuticle and skin pores, while cold helps to close both. A cold rinse can make your hair appear shinier and your skin, healthier.
TIM A: Closing the cuticle with a cold rinse also helps to prevent frizz caused by humidity and other aggressors.
WADE: These jolts can help to close the cuticle, but with the technology in products these days, a high-quality leave-in conditioner will do that and more.
SARAH: The effects of a cool rinse are only temporary, so your best bet is to always handle your hair with care and use products that will maintain its health and integrity.

Bonus Tip
Kate (Elysium): In the summer hell yes in the winter no way - I would use a shine spray, same results but warmer

How should curls be handled when washing and drying?

TIM M: Treat curly hair like a first date – don’t rush and don’t be too aggressive. Gently washing the hair with a little help from a wide tooth comb helps to form and maintain a natural curl.  Don’t over wash as you will still want some of the natural oils to stay in the hair to maintain moisture and elasticity. RE.STORE is a great midweek wash for this.
TIM A: Curls also should be handled more gently when towel drying, so you don’t frizz the hair.
Bonus Tip
Kate (Elysium): We have amazing products for curly hair from Pureology, and Kevin Murphy also has three specific styling products for curly hair so you can have fun with your curls

Is there an ideal way to dry your hair after washing?

SARAH: Hair is in its most fragile state while it is wet. Keeping that in mind, never rub your hair aggressively as that can cause tangling and breakage. Instead, begin by squeezing out excess water with your hands while still in the shower, then gently squeeze hair in sections using a soft towel or t-shirt to remove as much water as possible.
WADE: Everyone uses different tools to dry their hair, but the biggest tip is to use high-quality products with heat protection and keep the hot tools’ temperature on the lower side. It may take longer to get the effect you want, but your hair will love you for it.
Bonus Tips
Kate (Elysium): I LOVE my tangle teaser brush, which is one of the few brushes which you can use on wet hair without causing any damage. I use it to brush through my conditioner and always notice a big difference.  Also NEVER tie up your hair when wet as it can cause breakage. Never use a straightener or curling wand on your hair when it’s wet. Also, if you have a fringe dry it first if you have one, this has made a massive difference to me and how my hair looks when I do it myself. There are also serums that I use which help to protect my hair and push out the moisture making it quicker to dry.

Elysium Now Uses Kevin Murphy Styling and hair care products as well as Kerastase and Pureology at the salon. We are excited to partner with such an ethical, sustainable, fashionable brands, which is all about giving you the tools you need to have great hair always.

Did you know that we could never achieve the results we do without using the products we use?

  • We would never recommend anything to you because of commission or profit
  • We will never knowingly sell anything for more than you would pay at another retail outlet or salon
  • We never want you to have a product that isn’t working for you, so if you purchase a styling product from us and you are not using it, please bring it back for a free lesson in how to use it correctly
  • We will always swap something which is not working for something else

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Acceptance Speach Elysium Hair Brisbane 2019 Team Of The Year

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Elysium Hair Brisbane Wins 2019 Australian Team Of The. Year

Thanks For Being On This Journey With Us

Acceptance Speech 2019 Australian Team Of The Year

Did you know?

Elysium started ten years ago when as new parents, my husband/ business partner, Oscar Henderson, and I decided to follow our dream of running our own business. We had zero business experience, but lots of energy, a clear vision and a belief in what we could create, and we were not afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone to pursue our dream.

We received many comments from well-meaning relatives and friends when we told them we were going to buy a run- down hair salon in Brisbane. They were more than a little surprised. The main reason being is that we were not hairdressers and had no experience at all in this industry, except for being customers.

We felt confident that with our background and passion for customer service and surrounded and supported by a like-minded team, we could create something special, and we backed ourselves all the way.

We have had so much fun over the last 10 years building Elysium into the powerhouse it is today. Of course, it’s been a rollercoaster, but it’s our rollercoaster, and we love the flexibility and excitement it brings to our life. We are living life to the max; after all, it’s the journey, not the destination.

We have entered many awards and have proudly won a few:

  • Australian Small Business Champions Hair Salon Of The Year
  • City New Business Achievers Best Hairdressers Brisbane x 2
  • Australian Hair Industry Awards Queensland Salon Of The Year x 2
  • Australian Hair Industry Awards Australian Salon Of The Year
  • Australian Hair Industry Awards Best Customer Care
  • Australian Hair Industry Awards Salon Team Of The Year x 2
  • Australian Hair Industry Awards Salon Design
  • Hair Expo Australian Salon Business Of The Year
  • Australian Hair Fashion Awards Salon Of The Year
  • Finalists Queensland Telstra Small Business Awards
  • Current finalists on the Queensland Training Awards

It’s no secret we love entering awards; we find it such an exciting and empowering process. Pulling everything apart into the key components and through the process of putting together a submission, you can often see where you can improve, where you can tweak and fine tune and also take a moment or two to see how well you are doing and how far you have come.

Please remember that everything we do starts with you and we work back from there and we will never stop in our quest to offer you a little bit of that Elysium wow that you deserve and we love providing.

Thanks again for choosing us we appreciate it big time. If you have any questions or feedback or anything else please reach out any time.

[email protected] or call the salon on 07 3229 0816

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How We Provide Services To You

Unlike some salons where you have a colour person and a person who cuts your hair who do not consult together with you and are completely separate at Elysium we are doing things differently.

At Elysium your stylist is in control and has responsibility of your hair for your whole visit, they will consult with you and then direct their technician on the colours to use and method of application and all the other details of your colour service, then the highly trained technician will take over and apply your colour.

Your Stylist will cut and blow-dry your hair and may have some assistance with the blow-dry to ensure your service is completed on schedule.

Your technician is trained specifically on providing you with your colour service and is an expert in this.

You will have more flexibility and availability with your stylist to fit in with your busy schedules.

When having a haircut and colour you may have your cut before your colour for added flexibility with scheduling your appointment.

Your service and results will not be compromised in any way.

You will have someone else on the team who is able to provide you with your colour services should your usual stylist be away.

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Elysium Hair Brisbane completes Australian hair awards clean sweep

Elysium Hair Brisbane has won its second Australian Best Salon 2016 national hairdressing award to complete an Australian hair salon awards clean-sweep.

Elysium Hair Brisbane was crowned HAIR EXPO 2016 Australian Salon Of The Year at a glittering Oscars Style awards night last Monday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

This comes after winning 2016 Australian Salon Of The Year in March at the Australian Hair Industry Awards in Brisbane.

The annual Hair Expo Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in the Australian hair industry and with this title now under its belt, Elysium has claimed every hair industry salon award across Australia.

Kate Henderson, co-owner of Elysium Hair Brisbane said:

“We could not be more proud that a small business which is built on providing an amazing customer service experience has been recognized as the best of the best”

The Elysium story

In November 2008 Kate and Oscar Henderson decided to pursue their dream of running their own business built around providing amazing customer service. Without any experience in hairdressing, Kate and Oscar purchased a run-down hair salon on the first floor of a dilapidated office building on George Street in Brisbane. The salon didn’t have any team members nor a single appointment in the diary…..in fact there was no diary…….!!

Over the past 7.5 years Kate and Oscar have worked insanely hard (picture bleeding through your eyeballs hard) with the support of their growing team, family, friends and of course customers like you (thanks). Fast forward to today and they now have an amazing team of 15 happy, customer service crazy, passionate #teamelysium members.

The Elysium team started entering awards in order to learn and grow. The whole process of entering an award is a great opportunity to take a good look inside your business and look for ways to improve and grow. We won our first local business award in 2011 (City News Business Achiever Awards – Best Hair Salon In Brisbane) and repeated this feat the following year. Elysium won its first national hairdressing award in 2013 and the salon has since gone on to win every possible national hairdressing salon award:



WINNERS AUSTRALIAN SALON OF THE YEAR 2016 – Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNER QUEENSLAND SALON OF THE YEAR 2016 – Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNERS SALON OF THE YEAR 2015 - Australian Hair Fashion Awards

WINNERS 2015 SALON DESIGN OF THE YEAR - Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNERS 2014 QUEENSLAND SALON OF THE YEAR – Australian Hair Industry Awards

WINNERS 2013 BEST HAIR SALON IN AUSTRALIA – Australia Small Business Champion Awards




Winning these awards is something we are immensely proud of and we know you share this pride with us. A small business in Brisbane winning every single national best hair salon award out there is pretty crazy!

Something we want you to know is that we do not have big egos and we will never let this go to our heads. In fact we have so much more to do, so many more improvements we can make and so many more ideas on how we can enhance your experience with us that it sometimes makes our heads spin!

Finally we want to say thanks, thanks so much to you for being a guest with us - without you we would not have ever achieved all of this. We love it when you come to visit and we appreciate that you choose us to look after your hair – we love running a business which is really all about making people happy - and we are not happy unless you are happy.  It has never been about money for us, we just hope to have an amazing, strong customer service business that offers a stable place for our team to flourish and grow, where we can support our own lives and families and a place we can all be proud of.


You can contact Kate Henderson, Co-Owner of Elysium Hair Brisbane any time via phone or email

0422 960590

[email protected]

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Elysium Hair Brisbane

Elysium has now won 12 awards including 4 x Australian Salon Of The Year. They are the current holders of Team Of The Year and are finalists in the Queensland Metropolitan Training Awards - Small Business Edeucators Of The Year