Carla - Senior Hairdresser


Tuesday:         10:30 am ā€“ 8.00 pm    

Wednesday:    9.45 am - 8.00 pm          

Thursday:       11.15 am ā€“ 8.00 pm             

Friday:            10..30 am ā€“ 8.00 pm  

Recent Review

"Amazing !!! Jamii and Carla did such a great job! Couldn't be happier with the colour. Exactly what I was after šŸ’†"

Carla - senior hairdresser

What Are Your Hobbies: I love to travel! Living abroad for 8 years, (Canada then Scotland) supported my travel habit well... I love cocktails, and I love the beach.

Tell Us A Little About Your Family:  Iā€™m the eldest, I have a younger sister (who acts like the eldest), younger brother, mum & stepdad in Maleny and dad in Redcliffe.

Where Are You From Hometown: Maleny

What Car Do You Drive Or Would Like To: Suzuki mighty boy

What things do you enjoy most about being a hairdresser: The transformations... long to short, short to shorter, dark to bright, light to lighter!

Dream Holiday Destination right now: Barbados

A song/band/group or singer you like: Fleetwood Mac

Name an actor you like: Will Ferrell

Which Season Of The Year Do You Like Most & Why:  Summer, heading to the beach and chilling in my cabana

Your Go-To Styling product: Superdust

Your Go-To Hair Care Product: Pureology 21 Benefits

Most memorable hairdresser moment: Meeting Sharon Blain and getting to do a workshop with her right here at Elysium

Name One Of Your Guilty Pleasures: Trash TV

What are you watching on netflix: Ru Pauls drag race

What Food Do You Enjoy: Thai

\What Books Are Your Reading:  Lipstick