Cuts & Colours at Elysium Hair Brisbane

We invest heavily in advanced education to ensure we have the skills and confidence give you a cut you love. We offer different levels of stylist which is based on a combination of factors.

Cut and colour prices vary for the following reasons: 

  • Level of stylist (we have 10 levels - 1-4 are Apprentices and 5 - 10 Are Qualified Hairdressers)
  • Whether you are having a trim (max 8 weeks since last visit), a bit more than a trim or a restyle
  • If you have regrowth which is longer than 8 weeks then we may need a little extra product
  • If you have really thick hair (you will know if this is you)

We always provide a quote and will never charge you more than we have quoted for.

Permanent & Semi Permanent Cut & Colour Prices

All colour includes colour with smartbond, haircut, wash with smartbond, and blow-dry.  

Hair above jaw line
Regrowth Tint
$191 - $256
Full Head Tint
$214 - $278
Hair below shoulders
Regrowth Tint
 $212 - 286
Full Head Tint
$266 - $337
Hair below jaw line
Regrowth Tint
$195 - 263
Full Head Tint
$243 - $310
Hair below middle back
Regrowth Tint
$233 - $316
Full Head Tint
$288. - $365

Foils - Includes Toner if Required

All colour includes cut, wash, blow-dry and smartbond step 1 and 2. See colour only prices. These prices are based on one colour foils, regrowth only. If you are looking for 2 or more colours, or would like any change of overall colour you will be quoted according to the extra time and product used.

Hair above jaw
1/4 Head/Part Line
(approx. 15 Foils)
$230 -$313
1/2 Head
(approx. 30 Foils)
$233 - $310
Full Head
(approx. 60 Foils)
$291 - $397 
Hair below shoulders
1/4 Head/Part Line
(approx. 15 Foils)
$266 - $359
1/2 Head
(approx. 30 Foils)
$272 - $379
Full Head
(approx. 60 Foils)
$354 - $473
Hair jaw-shoulders
1/4 Head/Part Line
(approx. 15 Foils)
$271 - $339
1/2 Head
(approx. 30 Foils)
 $274 - $366
Full Head
(approx. 60 Foils)
$334 - $452
Hair below middle back
1/4 Head/Part Line
(approx. 15 Foils)
$288 - $392
1/2 Head
(approx. 30 Foils)
$346 - $456
Full Head
(approx. 60 Foils)
$408 - $545


"I love Elysium and my experience whenever I go there! Oscar is the no.1 man and an absolute wonder when welcoming you by name when you walk in, to changing (uncomplaining and always with a smile) your appointment for the umpteenth time around your work commitments. Each and every time I have been to Elysium, I walk out looking and feeling absolutely fabulous. It's all in the little things - from your stylist knowing which magazines you like to read and ensuring they're there for you each appointment to their remembering how you like your coffee or tea. It's very schmick and professional but with a realistic level of service provided to the clients. You can completely trust your stylist, the wonderful head massager (he's so good you'd like him to forget there's a clock), the girl who gowns you up ... everyone is trained professionally and their politeness and level of customer service is second to none. Well done team :)"


"Since I've been visiting Elysium for my cut and style over the last few years, this salon has consistently provided me with an exceptional service that far exceeds any salon I’d tried previously. The team are always very welcoming and professional, and both hairdressers who have cut my hair have really taken the time to understand and meticulously create the exact look I’m after, are knowledgeable in recommending the right products for my hair and always seek feedback to make sure the final result hits the mark - based on the compliments I receive, the results have shown every time! Visiting this salon is always a great experience. Its reviews and awards are well deserved!" Tatjana

"Professional from the moment I walked in, well organised, efficient, knowledgeable staff. Walked out feeling fantastic, they really listened to what I wanted and that is very rare to find. Haven't had this great a customer experience in a long time! I have already recommended your salon to two of my friends "Sian

Why Choose Us?

Because no other salon will go to the lengths we will to provide you with the best haircut and colour and salon experience you have ever had. 

Our large team of Brisbane hairdressers are expert colourists, trained by the best in Australia.

We are trained and experienced in all the latest techniques to provide a bespoke, customised colour to suit your face shape, skin tone, eye colour and of course your lifestyle and personal style. 

We offer cutting edge techniques like:

  • balayage
  • foliage
  • strobing
  • baby lights 
  • Contouring
  • Freehand colouring
  • Zone toning
  • Classic foiling
  • All over lightening
  • Unicorn hair
  • Root stretch
  • Colour Melt
  • Tiger Eye Balayage
  • Platinum Blonde
  • Extra Platinum Blonde

All our team are always pushing themselves further in addition to extensive training and education provided through Elysium's education program they are on the pathway to become internationally recognised master colourists.

But don't just take our word for it, read our reviews and come and and see for yourself why Elysium Hair Brisbane has a reputation as being the best hairdressers in Brisbane.

Thinking Of A Big Colour Change, Have Damaged Hair Or Do You Have A Colour Which Needs Fixing???

The team at Elysium go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the best result for you. We are professionals who take our jobs very seriously and invest extra time and effort into these complex services.

Strand Test

What is a strand test?

A: A strand test is a preliminary test of the hair to determine its suitability for a given process, and to verify specifics such as processing times, and possible results. It's very important in situations where the hair is damaged or the intention is to attempt a dramatic alteration to the color of the hair.

Strand tests are used in color processes to ensure that the hair will respond properly to the processes planned, and that said processes won't result in irreparable damage to the hair. It's also important when the stylist cannot be certain what other colors or chemicals have been used on the hair in the past. (For instance, hair that is colored using a metallic salt dye, such as those that offer "gradual coverage" of gray hair, will react horribly if exposed to the peroxide in the developer of traditional hair color. Often the result in these cases is that the hair melts completely.)

Strand tests are used for similar reasons with chemical smoothing, and can also help to ensure that the hair will respond well to a smoothing service.
Basically, strand testing is a means by which to make sure that the hair will respond appropriately to the chemical service in question without risking the whole head and therefore seriously damaging the hair when it could be prevented.

Step 1: Phone consultation

Step 2: In salon consultation with your stylist. This consultation will include a strand test

Step 3: You leave the salon and we test the strands with colour

Step 4: After 24 hrs we assess the results to ensure the hair is not comprimised and the colour result is satisfactory

Step 5: We contact you with the results - we know that it can be upsetting to be told the the strand test failed, but please understand that we have a duty of care and will not proceed unless we are confident in the result. We also invite you in to view your strand test.

Step 6: If you strand test is good then we will schedule/confirm your hair appointment

A strand test involves us taking strands of hair from your head which will be done descreetly. We will then perform the colour or chemical smoothing process on these strands of hair to ensure that the hair is:

  1. Able to withstand the process
  2. Results from the process - what is the result and are you going to be happy with it

If you have any questions or would like to request a strand test please let us know.

The spring and summer hair trends you’re going to want to know about

By Jordyn Christensen


We know lightening your hair for summer is just about as non-groundbreaking as florals for spring, so to keep you in the know and your hair looking fresh for the season ahead we spoke to the experts to get the official word on what you should be asking for as the weather warms up. From the haircuts to the hair colours, plus the celebrities that are doing them best – here is all your summer hair inspiration.

Low maintenance

While low maintenance hair is trending all year round, it’s particularly great for summer.  The best celebrities to look to for inspiration are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Selena Gomez. Layered or blunt, the low maintenance isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Go light

For those who are keen to play it a little safer this summer when it comes to colour, Anthony Nader from assures that will always be a good go-to for a lighter colour that is a bit subtler. Hayden adds that “lived-in sun-kissed hair painted accents” are also a new season go-to. However, “less is more,” explains Nader, “as you don’t want to end up looking like Cadbury’s Top Deck chocolate”.

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