If you are not happy:

  1. Please reach out to the salon by email ([email protected]) or phone 07 3229 0816
  2. The salon will arrange a consultation and correction of your service as soon as possible at the salon’s cost - even if this takes multiple visits until you are completely happy
  3. If after this initial consultation and correction appointment we feel the problem cannot be fixed or is too big to be fixed then we will discuss other options

Please be assured that we care deeply about all our guests and want nothing more than happy customers with hair they love. We understand though that even with the best intentions things do not always turn out the way we planned or hoped.

   If you did not receive the outcome you expected from your visit, stay calm and contact Elysium Hair Brisbane as soon as possible. Sometimes the problem might be as simple as not liking the styling, but you would like the cut or colour when styled with a different technique. When it comes to hair, everything is fixable. Cuts and colours can be tweaked. Most often, the adjustment is simpler than it seems — like adding texture to a haircut or a gloss or toner to colour. These fixes take about 30 minutes and are quite common in all hair salons across the world. If you aren’t 100 percent happy with the outcome, just calmly state your dissatisfaction and ask for a corrective visit. Elysium will always offer you the choice of seeing the same hairdresser, if you are comfortable to do so, or to see somebody new.


This depends on the situation. If you’ve decided that the look you’re going for doesn’t suit you after all, expect to pay again. Sometimes clients dream of going blond or red until they see it against their skin tone. Or, if you decide you should have had three inches cut off instead of a trim, these are not re-do situations, but new appointments where a charge will apply.

However, if something went wrong and the results don’t match the consultation (like if your highlights look orange, not blond), then you have up to two weeks to come back for an adjustment at no additional charge.

ACCC Consumer guarantees applying to services

Businesses that supply services guarantee ensure that those services will be:

  • provided with due care and skill
  • fit for any specified purpose (express or implied)
  • provided within a reasonable time (when no time is set).

What happens if these guarantees are not met?

If you sell a customer a service that fails to meet one or more of the consumer guarantees, he/she is entitled to a remedy.

The consumer cannot cancel and demand a refund immediately. You must have an opportunity to fix the problem.