Hannah - Senior Hairdresser

Hannah - Senio Hairdresser - Elysium Hair Brisbane - Hairdresser Brisbane


" I would like to thank Hannah for excellent advice and service!"

"Hannah not only made me feel completely at ease with cutting around 7 inches off my hair but also did a phenomenal job as well."

#TeamElysium Profile

Hannah- Senior Hairdresser

Hannah is loves to look after her regular guests and provide them with beautiful classic foils customised to their skin tone, eye colour, face shape and personal style.

What Are Your Hobbies:  Rock climbing, dancing and eating food
Do You Have Any Pets:   Yes two little spoodle dogs!
Tell Us A Little About Your Family:  I have two fabulous sisters
Where Are You From Hometown:  Warrnambool
What Car Do You Drive Or Would Like To Own: Yellow beetle
What things do you enjoy most about being a hairdresser: Playing with hair and talking to people all day
Dream Holiday Destination right now: Amsterdam
A song/band/group or singer you like: I love all types of music!
Name an actor you like: Leonardo DiCaprio
Which Season Of The Year Do You Like Most & Why: Autumn because it’s beautiful
Your Go-To L'Oreal Styling product:  Texture dust!
Your Go-To L’Oreal Hair Care Product: Nutrify leave in
Most memorable hairdresser moment: Going on stage at Hair And Beauty Expo
Name One Of Your Guilty Pleasures: Doughnuts  and alcohol hahaha
What Food Do You Enjoy: Doughnuts, pizza, any food
What Books Are Your Reading: The decision-making book
What movie/Netflix series have you loved: Dynasty
What is your go-to makeup item: Foundation


Tuesday:         10:30 am – 8:00 pm    

Wednesday:    9:45 am - 8:00 pm          

Thursday:       11:15 am – 8:00 pm             

Friday:            10:30 am – 8:00 pm