Keratin Smoothing

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Chemical Smoothing

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Price  =  $396.55 - $547.50
Dependant On Hair Length And Hair Density

Includes Guava Latino Shampoo And Conditioner To Ensure Ultimate Results

 Price  =  $450.50 - $640
Dependant On Hair Length, Hair Density & If regrowth

Includes Smartbond To Protect And Strengthen The Bonds Of Your Hair During The Smoothing Process

The Guava LatinoTM Keratin Smoothing System is a professional salon-only hair smoothing treatment and an intense restorative treatment, designed to help you finally take control of your hair. You'll achieve smooth, manageable, healthy and shiny hair, that can last up to 4 months. The results can vary depending on the condition and type of hair you have, and it is critical you use the Guava Latino Keratin Aftercare products (these are included), but the results are remarkable.

Guava Latino like all Keratin treatments is heat activated so for best results you will need to blow-dry and/or use good quality hair straightener. We recommend the GHD Helios Hairdryer, followed by the GHDGlide which is a ceramic heated smoothing brush.

Keratins are naturally occurring proteins that make up 70-80% of our hair. As we mature and chemically alter our hair, we can lose a substantial amount of natural keratin, leaving it dull, frizzy, coarse and unmanageable. Guava Latino's blend of keratin proteins and unique amino acids penetrate deep into the hair as well as coat the cuticle layer. It works through disulfide bond realignment, but doesn't damage the essential hair fibre.

Unlike some keratin-based smoothers, Guava Latino Keratin replenishes the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It's a highly effective yet safe formula that provides the maximum amount of hair smoothing, without any trace of formaldehyde. That's right... it's 100% formaldehyde free. 
Some keratin smoothing products are claiming to be formaldehyde free but the truth is that trace elements of this chemical can be generated during the hair smoothing process. The new Guava Latino in salons now has 0% formaldehyde, nor is any trace of formaldehyde released at the time of the treatment or after the treatment is done.

WARNING! Be sure to avoid any hair products that contain sodium chloride after having a keratin smoothing treatment

Treat your rebellious hair to the Xtenso treatment program at Elysium Hair Brisbane and be amazed at how soft, shiny and silky smooth your hair can truly be. Long-lasting professional volume & frizz control. Unlike other smoothing services the Xtenso smoothing service will leave your hair permanently smoothed - only your new hair growth will be curly. Xtenso is entirely free of formaldehyde.
Smoothing is priced individually following a consultation and strand test. It is not unusual for smoothing to take 4hrs, during this time your stylist will be keeping a very close eye on you and will not be servicing any other clients. 
Chemical Smoothing is a fantastic service and is one of Elysium Hair Brisbane's specialties, and we love seeing people transformed from curly to smooth, it is life changing.
You will be required to attend an initial consultation as well as providing us with some hair for a strand test to ensure the suitability of your hair for this service.
It is essential that you follow your before and aftercare instructions to ensure the optimum results - these instructions are below. We also strongly recommend that you invest in recommended professional hair care products to maintain the look and condition of your hair.
We use the best professional permanent smoothing products for your hair.
The team at Elysium Hair Brisbane to extraordinary lengths to ensure the best result for you. We are professionals who take our jobs very seriously and invest extra time and effort into these complex services.

Preparation And Aftercare

After the treatment, what do you have to do at home?
Looking after your Latino treatment at home means better results. To maintain results, you must use the Guava Latino Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners as directed. The unique Latino formula in these after-care products helps to smooth your hair, and this process is vital for the longevity of the treatment.
Products are included in the price and are compulsary
Can you wash your hair after the treatment?
To maximise the relaxing effect, leave the treatment in for 48 hours before your first wash. You can rinse your hair on the same day as the treatment, but for coarser hair, you may want to leave it on for the full 48 Hours. We also recommend waiting 48 hours before using ties or bands in the hair. It just helps to ensure the hair stays kink and frizz free. It's worth noting that leaving the treatment in longer than 48 hours has no benefit to the hair either, as it stops working after the 48-hour time frame.
Does Guava Latino Keratin have ANY formaldehyde in it?
Unlike some, formaldehyde is not an ingredient and nor is it a by-product of the smoothing process. All Guava Latino Keratin products are 100% formaldehyde free.
Does it last up to 4 months?
Yes, the Latino treatment can last up to 4 months. Now, it's important to note that results can vary. It depends on the health of the hair, the application process itself and adherence to after-treatment care.
Does it suit every type of hair?
It sure does. We have carefully universalised the Latino™ Keratin Smoothing System. Put simply - there is no type of hair that Latino cannot help smooth and repair. Coloured, bleached, relaxed or virgin - respecting the sensitivity and history of every hair type. The results can be more prolonged for fragile hair because the active components have a deeper, longer-lasting action.
How long does it take?
Longer hair can take about 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
How will it affect my hair colouring?
It is strongly recommended that you have all your colour services done AFTER the Guava Latino Treatment. If you have a colour treatment beforehand, you risk the possibility of premature colour fading. For permanent colour treatments, a one week (7 day) break is essential. The quality and longevity of the Latino Smoothing System are affected by pH exposure if the hair is not given the week to settle. Semi-permanent colours and toners can be done on the same day as the Latino treatment but still after the colour treatment.
What about subsequent treatments?
The Latino treatment can be applied as soon as, every 20 days. Even though it can last up to 4 months, it is a smoothing and conditioning treatment. If maximum volume reduction is sought, multiple treatments can have a cumulative effect. It's up to you to decide how much smoothing you prefer.
What does Guava Latino Keratin do?
It provides a professional 'salon-only' hair treatment that gives a smoothing effect to hair that can last up to 4 months. It also provides a deeply nourishing treatment at the same time.

Preparation And Aftercare

Always remember not to shampoo hair 2 to 3 days before the hair smoothing appointment; the stimulating effect of shampooing could cause scalp irritation when the cream is applied. Do not pre-condition the hair at least two days before the appointment, because the ingredients in some reconditioning products are oils which coat the hair and inhibit penetration of the TR solution, causing TR failure. Detangle your hair and leave it in its natural state. Do not swim during the 72 hours preceding the hair smoothing treatment, it could cause scalp irritation. Do not exercise 12 hours before the service. If you drink coffee before the service, make sure to drink lots of water. Do not wear a tight cap, scarf or anything that “causes pressure” on the scalp 24 hours prior to the appointment. Do not wear a style that “creates tension” on the scalp or along the hairline such as ponytails and pullbacks. In each of these cases, the scalp would be more sensitive to the chemicals and liable to become irritated. On appointment day remove all neck jewellery and earrings.
You may think your service is now complete, but the procedure is not yet over. The hair still needs to absorb more oxygen and will do so naturally through the air. A rainstorm, an overly humid day or even a steamy shower stall could dramatically affect the smoothing success—your hair could have some reversion to its straight state or you may get strange bits of hair doing weird things that they are not suppose to be doing. The hair is very susceptible to reverting to its naturally curly/wavy state if it gets wet before the solution has completely oxidised from the inner structure of the hair, even though chemically we might assume it is fixed. After you leave the salon, it is imperative not to brush your hair aggressively or tucking hair behind your ears for 72 hours. Do not shampoo or wet your hair for 72 hours after the smoothing service. No workout for 72 hours after the smoothing service. This is to allow your hair to completely neutralise into the current shape. It takes approximately 72 hours for the hair to harden and lock into its new straight position. Immediately after a chemical smoothing treatment the hair will be chemically altered and in a softened condition and it can easily be damaged. That means no clips, pins, metal clips or clips with teeth, rubber bands, barrettes, pony tails, pullbacks for 7 days. Do not wear a style that “creates tension” on the hair or along the hairline such as, ponytails and pullbacks for 7 days. Do not use anything that “causes pressure” on the hair such as, tight cap or scarf for 7 days. If you put your hair in ponytails try to use a coated rubber band or soft cloth hair scrunchies. The hair should not be constricted in any way for 7 days after a chemical hair smoothing service. This gives hair time to become firmly established and recover. Do not shower with hot water. Always use warm water, not too hot not too cold. Do not use sulphur/tar base anti-dandruff shampoos. Do not swim in chlorinated pools, seawater or expose your hair to too much Sun for at least 2 weeks after the X-Tenso service. If your hair gets wet accidentally within the first 72 hours; blow-dry the hair nozzle pointing downward towards the ends of hair. Keep the blow dryer moving instead of leaving it in one spot, and then gently slide the flat iron at low temperature (130C). If you notice a crease that’s caused from sleeping/sweating within the first 72 hours; blow-dry the hair and Slide the iron gently to remove the crease. If for the first 3 days after the X-Tenso service the prevailing weather condition is rainy and humid; finger blow-dry your hair by giving it short blasts of hot air and finish with cool air. Do this in the morning, daytime, if possible and just before bedtime. This will help remove the excess moisture from the hair.
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