Lissy - senior hairdresser

Lissy - Senior Hairdresser - Elysium Hair Brisbane - Hairdresser Brisbane


Sarah Glanville
"I went for a big change and Lissy made me feel totally comfortable and confident in her abilities and my choice to go for a drastic change. Love the finished look and was so impressed by the whole team


Tuesday:         10:30 am – 6.00 pm    

Wednesday:    Off          

Thursday:       11.15 am – 8.00 pm             

Friday:            11..30 am – 8.00 pm  

#TeamElysium Profile

Lissy - senior hairdresser

What Are Your Hobbies: Music, boxing, yoga and reading 
Tell Us A Little About Your Family:  Lisa and Doug are my parents, Clay and Kelsy are my younger siblings, being a guest at our dinner table is always very entertaining, slightly unconventional and always fun.   
What's your hometown:  Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
What Car Do You Drive:  'Wai Wai Express', Wai Wai in the Maori Language means 'legs'
What things do you enjoy most about being a hairdresser: My team mates, the fashion industry and having a good time and a laugh with my clients
Dream Holiday Destination:  Italy  A band I like: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Name an actor you like:  Leonardo DiCaprio
Which Season Of The Year  Do You Like Most & Why: Summer, music, sun and ice cream
Your Go-To L'Oreal Styling product: Anything with heat protection
Your Go-To L’Oreal Hair Care Product: The in salon rituals are amazing 
Most memorable hairdresser moment: There are so many, I would have to say that it was when I was just starting, my boss asked me if I was enjoying myself, I told her I felt like a glorified cleaner, and she just laughed and said 'you got to wait to get to the good stuff, I was very thankful to start creating, and was apparently quite impatient (I am not giving you a good example to use am I)
Name One Of Your Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate for sure, and Espresso Martini's
What Food Do You Enjoy:  Thai 
What are you reading:I just finished, 'The Girls', it's pretty intense. 
What movie/netflix series have you loved: 'The Handmaids Tale' and that too, is pretty intense.
What is your go-to make-up item: Eyeliner