Make-Up - Special Occasion And Bridal BrisbaneCity

Elysium Hair Brisbane are not only the Best Hairdressers in Brisbane they are also amazing with make-up.

This service is best booked by calling Elysium Hair Brisbane on 07 3229 0816 or emailing [email protected]

Elysium Hair Brisbane Only Use the Absolute Best - The world's number 1 professional mineral cosmetics Youngblood® Mineral Cosmetics is now at Elysium Hair Brisbane.

Special Occasion Make-Up - $96

Hair And Make-Up Package - Big Savings 

Hair Above Jaw Line: $152

Hair Above Shoulders: $170

Hair Below Shoulders: $191

Hair Below Middle Back: $210

Mineral make-up masterclasses

Basics - $80.50

Eyes - $85.50

Colour matching - $80.50

The ultimate addition to a special occasion make-up - false eye lashes provided and fitted from only $27.45.

Please note that for your first appointment you will be required to pay a deposit. Please click here for full details: Booking And Cancellation Policy