The professional detangling hairbrush ideal for all types of hair. Can be used easily and speedily without pulling or yanking.

Beautiful and healthy hair is usually the first thing people notice about you, but abuse it with harsh brushing and your hair pays the price. The damage trying to tear tangles and knots out of your hair with an unsuitable brush cannot be underestimated. Vigorous brushing will 'rough' up and damage the hair's cuticle wrecking your hair's chances of looking healthy and shiny.

Do you suffer with tangle prone hair?

Ask yourself - are you a hair criminal who is repeatedly guilty of torturing your hair with inappropriate brushes or combs that only tug, tighten and tear tangles from your hair? If the answer is yes, help is at hand. Hair rehabilitation is painless and easy with Tangle Teezer.

Change your hair brush not your lifestyle.

A Tangle Teezer hair brush will break the cycle of broken hair and give tangled hair the brush off. A revolution in detangling hair, it has the ability to flex upon contact

Shower, Beach Or Pool Use

NEW: Aqua Splash (Perfect for us Queenslanders) For use in the shower, at the beach or pool. A great design to slide you hand into for ease of use with wet hands only $32.95

Handbag And Out And About Use

Compact Styler comes in heaps of designs and colours with a protective cover in a compact design to fit into your bag only $34.95

At Home Essentials

Salon Elite is the at home essential brush only $29.95


This is a fantastic kids hair brush which comes in a clever flower-pot design with room for hairbands. No more problems with hair brushing mums and dads this makes it so easy they will do it themselves. Only $34.95