Meet Your TeamAt Elysium Hair Brisbane

Your team at Elysium Hair Brisbane make it their mission to give you the best hair salon experience and results you have ever had.
Your friendly passionate team members are - to find out more about them please click on their names below.

Natasha - Lead Colourist

Whitney - Assistant Salon Manager & Senior Hair Stylist

Hannah - Senior Hair Stylist

Carla - Senior Hair Stylist

Lucie - Senior Hair Stylist

Jamii - Stylist + Make-Up Artist

Georgia - Sytlist

Chaher - Hair Technician

Kellie - Hair Technician + Make-Up Artist

Oscar - Reception/Customer Service/Manager/Owner

Kate - Reception/Customer Service/Owner

Please click on the namesto check out their individual profiles for more information on each team member. Please feel free to select your preferred team member or let us choose for you based on your hair, their particular talents and your desired result from your visit with us.