Up-Styles Brisbane

The team at Elysium Hair Brisbane is very experienced at styling hair for special occasions. 

Price for styling - more than curls or a straighten = $114 - $149

We understand it’s not every day you have your hair styled so we’ve produced the following guide to help you prepare for your visit.

For the best results for your hair styling:

  1. Please research styles which you like and email over picture references to us at [email protected] so that we can start planning your style prior to your arrival
  2. Please arrive at the salon on time for your appointment with clean hair (washed and dried as per the instructions below)
  3. Wear a button up top for easy removal once your hair is done
  4. If you are having make-up done this can be done before or after your hair
  5. If you need us to put in clip-in hair extensions this is fine but please let us know as well need some extra time (there will be an extra time charge for this)
  6. We can also fit clips, bands, fascinators, veils etc but please let us know in advance so that we have enough time to do this for you (there will be an extra time charge for this)
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Elysium Hair And Beauty Brisbane Hairdresser

We are a Sustainable Salon 

Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon your service bill will include a small Green Cost of just $2.00 that will support the salon to keep its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you. We do not profit in any way from this cost. For more information please visit www.sustainablesalons.com.au or ask the team at your next visit. Look good, feel good and now also do good!



For best results your hair should not be washed and conditioned immediately before having your hair styled for a special occasion, as this will affect the style and how long it will last. The time we allocate for your special occasion hair styling does not include washing and drying your hair, if you need to have your hair washed by us for any reason as you have not been able to please contact the salon to arrange extra time to be added to your appointment. 

The day before your visit your hair should be washed and conditioned and dried as follows and ideally with specific hair care products, which we recommend. 

  1. Shampoo your hair twice (L’Oreal Volume Expand Shampoo) 
  2. Condition your hair – do not use a treatment or masque (L’Oreal Volume Expand Conditioner) 
  3. Dry your hair straight using a hairdryer and paddle brush 
  4. Do not use a GHD, straightening or curling iron or rollers 
  5. Do not use any styling products
  6. Do not tie your hair up or put any clips or hair bands in your hai 

Please contact us with any questions on 07 3229 0816 or email [email protected]

Please note that for your first appointment you will be required to pay a deposit. Please click here for full details: Booking And Cancellation Policy